XtraLeap Analytics Platform Customization with Branding Colors

Enhance your organization’s data analytics experience with our XtraLeap Analytics Platform Customization with Branding Colors video. In this tutorial, we’ll demonstrate how you can customize the appearance of your analytics platform to align with your brand identity, creating a visually cohesive and professional environment for your team members.

Throughout the video, you’ll learn about:

  • Branding & Theme Settings: Discover how to access and navigate the branding and theme settings in XtraLeap’s platform, which allow you to apply your organization’s colors, logos, and other visual elements to create a unified look and feel.

  • Customizing Colors: Understand how to select and apply your brand’s primary and secondary colors, as well as other color accents, to various elements within the platform, such as charts, graphs, and navigation menus, ensuring a consistent visual identity.

  • Logo Integration: Learn how to upload and position your organization’s logo within the platform, reinforcing your brand presence and fostering a sense of familiarity and pride among team members.

By customizing your XtraLeap Analytics Platform with branding colors, you can create a familiar, engaging, and visually appealing environment that supports your organization’s data-driven culture. Watch this tutorial now to learn how to seamlessly integrate your brand identity into your analytics platform and foster a strong sense of brand unity.